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if you've ever been on a boat, you would know! the term "kiss the ground" has been around since ancient times of sailing. back when the only way to get from one continent to another was sailing a ship or boat, life indeed was very precarious on the open seas! people signed on to ships for lucrative trade, to find new lands, new opportunities and/or were just plain forced to in a slavery type situation, also known as being "shanghaied". being on the open sea could and was very rough at times. some people never could get over their "sea sickness". others endured severe storms at sea. shipwrecks were abundant and it was known to all that braving these bold adventures may mean never returning. pirates were much more rampant due to the lack of global securities and some of the biggest wars during that time were also fought at sea. so when the skilled and fortunate returned from their perilous journeys, it was known for some to step right off their boat and first thing, "kiss the ground", happy to just be alive after an ordeal at sea!

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Q: What is the origin of kiss the ground?
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