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the origin of few and far between is that a little goes along way

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Q: What is the origin of few and far between?
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Is the saying 'far and few between ' or 'few and far between'?

The saying is "few and far between". The "far between" part refers to distance. The phrase "few between" doesn't make much sense.

Jumble please correct it.Visits far his between are few and?

The expression is 'few and far between'. His visits are few and far between.

What does few and far between mean?

for example, trees are few and far between in a large city. so it means that there are very few of somthing and they are far apart from eachother.

Is the saying 'far and few between' or 'few and far between?

It originated in the mid 1600s and initially was used literally for physical objects that appeared at widely separated intervals. Today is is also used more loosely to mean scarce as in "Given the high prices in the new shop, customers were few and far between".

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Are few and far between.

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