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There is no normal breast size for any age. Everyone grows at different rates so even if your breasts are bigger than your friends, or smaller than your friends, no one has the average size. I personally would say that 11 year olds would be something around a AA or and A. But if you're bigger or smaller than this, you're perfectly normal too. If you're smaller, you are going through puberty a little later than your friends, and I would be happier about that if I were you! Puberty isn't a very fun time to be honest, and you can tips from your friends so you're fully prepared for the future! I would buy yourself a training bra for now just for privacy when getting changed for PE. And if you're bigger than your size, then don't worry either! You will be the one that your friends look up to and you will be the new expert of puberty out of you girls! I would go and get measured in a underwear store or any women's clothes store if they do it, and buy a bra or 2 in your perfect size. Getting the correct bra size is very important for comfort and breast growth, so always buy the right size!


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Q: What is the normal breasts size for an eleven years old girl?
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