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for an average adult....2000.......for a teenager around 2500..... it really depends on your if your a body builder or something you might need 500 in a day

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2009-02-03 01:58:08
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Q: What is the normal amount of calories that should be eaten in a day?
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How many calories should be eaten in one week?

Everybody should eat at least 14,000 calories a week

How many calories should you eat if you want to lose 2 lbs a week and if you are 5'2'' and weigh 172 pounds?

Input of calories is not as important as output, infact there is no need to change your calorie intake if you simply exercise more. The amount of calories eaten to lose 2lbs is a function of the amount of calories burned.

Does pizza go to your gut?

This depends on when the pizza is eaten. If pizza is eaten right before a large period of inactivity, it is possible that the calories eaten will not be burned off. Weight is gained when the amount of calories eaten is greater than the amount of calories consumed. Pizza in moderation is alright, but if too much pizza is eaten and not enough activity is done in the day, weight gain will occur. However, one never knows where one will gain weight; that is all coded by genetics.

How many servings of bread should teens have a day?

Eating bread is not essential but 2-3 servings is a normal amount eaten per day

How many Calories should be eaten dailey?

Take the weight you want to be, and multiply by 10. That's how many calories. 120 lbs = 1,200 calories 180 lbs = 1,800 calories

What is the percentge of protein you need?

10% to 35% of your daily calories eaten should come from protein

How many calories should be eaten by a 20 years old female?

Atleast 25,000-50,000

How many calories should a 10 year old boy lose in a day?

In my opinion, i think they should loose at least 700 calories .. well it also depends on what they have eaten !

How many calories are in chicken and broccoli in oyster sauce?

It is hard to measure the amount of calories in food without knowing the portion size. Calories in Chicken with broccoli in Oyster Sauce can range from 100-1000,depending on how much is eaten.

I'm 15. I had a bowl of cereal and a banana. I had a small lasagne. and I had two big bowls of cereal and two burgers which contain 95 calaories each. How many calories have I eaten and is it too much?

you have eaten over 2,305 calories and it is a lot if you want to lose weight but it is normal for your age.

If Jeannie eats 1840 calories a day how many calories will she have eaten after 182 days?

334,880 calories.

How many calories should an 11-year-old girl have per day?

2,000 calories for a active eleven year old girl. If not active about 1,800.AnswerIf he/she is normal weight and eats a balanced diet don't bother about EXACTLY how many calories are eaten each day, they will balance out over time. You should never REDUCE the number of calories a growing child eats, just control the excess and let their weight catch up with their height.

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