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Q: What is the names of santa clauses riendeer?
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Where does a riendeer sleep?

Santa's barn :)

How many riendeers does Santa have?

santa has 9 riendeer

Why is their 9 riendeer?

Cause santa ate the other 60

What do the riendeer pull for Santa Claus?

Santa's reindeers pull a sleigh to deliver presents to kids that have been good throughout the year

How many Santa Clauses are their?

well nobody could really know how many santa clauses their are because their are different santa each year and also theres more santa clauses that join a year.

Is riendeer spelled riendeer or reindeer?


What town name is Santa Claus?

the name of santa clauses town is actually santa land.

Who is St augustene?

it is santa clauses' alias :)

What is Italys Santa Claus?

italys santa clauses name is "la befana" she is a girl

What is the homophone to riendeer?

i'd say the homophone for that is 'rain dear'

How do you write Santa Claus in iceland?

There are 13 Icelandic Santa Clauses, and we say jólasveinn in Icelandic

Is there two main types of clauses are independent clauses and dependent clauses?

a complete subject and a complete predicate