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Q: What is the name you called a person who likes boys and girl?
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What is it called when a girl likes other girls and not boys?


Is Zach a girl?

yes he is he likes boys yes he is he likes boys

What does bye girl mean?

Easy question, the person likes boys and girls. Meaning they are bisexual.

What is a 'bisexual person'?

A bisexual person is someone who is attracted to more than one gender, typically their own gender and one or more other genders. Bisexuality is a sexual orientation that encompasses a spectrum of romantic and/or sexual feelings towards people of various genders.

What does it mean if a girl likes you but she messes with other boys?

that boys is what you call a cheater

Why do boys like to go to the park?

Boys like to go to the park when there bored or there is a girl there if there is a girl there boys will try to stay close meaning he likes the girl

Does miley cyurs like girl or boys?

she likes girls and boys look it up on google she was kissing a girl

Is it strange for a girl to call her boyfriend baby?

Well. It depends on that person. Sometimes he likes it when you call him that or sometimes he thinks that it is something like a threat. Trust me, Im a guy. But, 97% of boys like to be called that.

Can grades affect how a girl likes you?

It depends on the style of the boys the girl likes If she likes "bad boys" then you getting bad grades may attract her more. If she likes " normal boys" you getting good grades may attract her more. Eventually most girls when they reach and age of adulthood they are attracted by more successful and smarter boys.

What do you call a girl who likes only boys?

This is heterosexual or straight.

What is hetoresexual?

Heterosexual, is a person who has a sexual and emotional attraction to the opposite gender. For example, a girl who romantically likes boys, and a boy who romantically likes girls.

Is reece attracted to boys?

yes not really he likes girl and is perfectly straight(as a rounder bout) oh he also likes a girl called kirsty . and Lucy oh Lucy is a stalker i do not love her but i am a sexy beast on a stick! and i love ellena