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Marie-Pierre Bouchard

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Q: What is the name on the blonde girl on just for laugh gags?
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Who is the blond lady on just for laughs?

Marie-Pierre Bouchard is the older blonde actress with wavy curly hair in just for laugh gags.

Who is the girl who always appears in the show just for laughs gags?

Marie-Pierre Bouchard

How do you make a girl laugh without flirting?

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What is the duration of Just for Laughs Gags Asia?

The duration of Just for Laughs Gags Asia is 1800.0 seconds.

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When was Just for Laughs Gags Asia created?

Just for Laughs Gags Asia was created on 2010-01-12.

When did Just for Laughs Gags Asia end?

Just for Laughs Gags Asia ended on 2010-04-13.

Do guys laugh when a girl calls him cutie or do they just like it?

Well the guys I know laugh.

What makes a girl laugh?

Just being yourself tell her jokes

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