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The procedure to clamp your fallopian tubes to prevent pregnancy is called tubal ligation. It normally is not considered to be reversible.

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Q: What is the name of the procedure of having clamps placed on your tubed to prevent pregnancy?
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Can you get a tubal reversal after having them clamped?

Yes it is possible. Having clamps and then having the procedure reversed leads to excellent healthy fallopian tube lengths. This is one of the best tubal ligation methods to reverse.

What are some of the risks involved in having a pregnancy ultrasound done?

The risks of having a pregnancy ultrasound are minimal compared to the benefits. The ultrasound is not an invasive procedure, but can provide a good picture of how the baby is developing.

How can you lower your chances of an ectopic pregnancy?

Unfortunately there is not a lot known at the time about how to prevent or even reduce your chance of having an ectopic pregnancy.

Is sitting posture for women is safe as she don't want to get pregnant?

No particular sex "posture" will prevent pregnancy. The only things that prevent pregnancy are not having sex (abstinence) and birth control.

What are ten ways to prevent pregnancy?

There are multiple ways to avoid pregnancy, communication with your partner is important. Before having sex with your partner you should use a condom, if you forgot there are multiple ways to prevent pregnancy, you should inform a doctor for options.

Where can you get medicine to prevent pregnancy after 2 months?

If you already ARE pregnant, it's TOO LATE to PREVENT pregnancy. Prevent means stopping something from ever happening. The options you have now are: - going through with the pregnancy and having the baby. Maybe put it up for adoption once born - hoping for a miscarriage - or have an abortion. That'll prevent birth, and you becoming a parent, but it won't prevent pregnancy.For that, you need to see a doctor.

What brand of chewing gum will prevent you from having babies?

None. Although there are many myths about things that will prevent pregnancy, in fact the only things that will are contraceptives or abstinence. Funny, because I saw that STRIDE gum, in the ingredients, WILL prevent pregnancy. I've never had STRIDE before, though.

Can you prevent pregnancy with ear piercing?

No. You can only prevent pregnancy 100% by not having sex. You can severely limit your chances of pregnancy by using birth control.Yeah I don't know who's pulling your leg, but that's the first time I have ever seen that done. Yeah sorry no doesn't work.

Is pregnancy an expected or unexpected life event?

Well that just depends upon the situation. If a couple is trying or planning for pregnancy it is expected. An unexpcected pregnancy would be the result of a couple having unprotected sex while trying to prevent pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant even though your nervous when your having intercourse?

Yes, emotion does not prevent pregnancy. If sperm enters the vagina without any type of protection, there is always a chance of pregnancy.

Does coldness kill sperm?

Yes, in many colder regions having sex outdoors is actually used to prevent pregnancy.

If you are off the pill and you start having normal periods does it mean is wearing off?

Pretty much, it no longer works to prevent pregnancy .