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Q: What is the name of the hair style that is blonde with a bun club on penguin?
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How do you get blonde hair on club penguin?

You can buy it from the style catalog. There is even blonde hair at the stadium catalog for the cheerleader outfits. You can buy this hair if you are a member. (2012)

Where can you get he yellow ponytail hair on club penguin?

penguin style book

How do you get the blonde hair on club penguin?

Right now the blonde hair is in the Gift Shop. You'll have to look where it is. It is not hidden, but it is in the catalouge right now.

How do you get green hair on Club Penguin?

There is green hair in the penguin style catalog in october for haloween P.S you have to be a member to buy it

Where is the Club Penguin wig catalog?

There is no wig catalog in Club penguin. in the penguin style, you will find clothes AND different hair in the catalog. Hope i helped! :)

What is the green spikey hair style called in Club Penguin?

the grass striker

On club penguin how do you buy the blonde hair with the butterfly clip?

its in the 2010 cataloge and if your not a member, sorry but you caun't get it.

How do you get hairdos on club penguin?

you either go to Penguin Style and see what they have or you can get a code for hair. no i dont have any codes im sorry.

What hair style looks best on blonde's?

my sister has blonde hair i think that when a blonde straightens their hair and keeps it down it looks great:D

When will the brown hair with pink bow come out in club penguin?

It came out today !! On the Penguin style catalog ! you can check it out now. Jan. 7 ... be sure to buy it :P

Can you sell your hair on Club Penguin?

No, you cant sell anything on Club penguin.. sorry!

When will the flutterby come out on club penguin 2012?

It Might Not Come Out In 2012 Its Unknown Its Very Rare! There Is A Blonde And Black Version Of This Hair Well I Don't Know when it will come out though srry Add me On Club Penguin Im 1D Forever50! Like My Igloo!