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dtunes is a good one of you are jailbroken... there is none for a nonjailbroken phone

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2011-05-31 21:06:57
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Q: What is the name of a free music downloader for the iPhone?
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What is YouTube downloader?

As the name implies, Youtube Downloader enables the user to download any video in .mp3 or .avi format. Thus, you get to keep a copy of any video you like!

What is the name of the company who makes the iPhone?


Why was the IPhone Siri named after?

The IPhone Siri was named after a man's daughter. This man wanted to name it Siri because of his daughter, Siri, and made up a abbreviation for some thing. For real, the IPhone Siri is S.I.R.I.

What is the best place to find free facesitting videos?

cliphunter the above sites are not free... the best way to get the best free facesitting videos is through downloading them via torrents. a good torrent downloader is Vuze. it is the best way to get any video, music, file, etc... torrent sites just 3 of many also with Google or bing search type the name of facesit video you want followed by the word torrent ie smother facesitting torrent (enter) then the results where you find that file from torrent sites the more seeds the faster the download good luck

How do you sync music on to the iPod Touch through i tunes?

Ok, so if u ARE NOT using iTunes then u go to: • File • Add File To Library Then it should bring up all of ur documents and personal items. Depending on what u use then you go to that file, click on it, and it should put it into ur iTunes music file. But that's not it!!! U have to click onto the song drag it into ur iPod/iPhone/iPad name file and it should automatically sync, an if it doesn't, then after u drag it, click the little arrow next to the iPod/iPhone/iPad name and click music. Then it should b there! Hope this helps!! ;)

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What is the name of song in the iPhone commercial that identifies music?

shazaam application

What is a good music downloader that is free?

-Go to OR -Download limewire OR frostwire (They're both downloads which allow you to download music for free.) -Once downloaded, click the search blank, and enter the song name, artist, band, or CD name. Once the list of songs comes out, choose the one you want, click it, let it download, and listen.

How do you sync iPhone purchased music to I tunes?

1) Plug in your iPhone to your PC or Mac.2) Start iTunes and click on your iPhone's name.3) Then go to the Music section.4) Right-Click on the song.5) Click Sync.

Where can you get absolutely free music?

Always remember; the kind of music that YOU make is always free. Also if u buy an iphone u can get free game, video, and music apps on your iphone, so that's also how u can get total no-pay music. BETTER YET download the free (and make sure its the newest version) and trusty program known as LimeWire! I'll add a website name too. Just copy and paste this in, and click on YOUR operating system. If you want it free, DO NOT get, DO NOT, click on the 'Buy Pro' button. Just, in the middle, find your operating system, as i said before, and click it! Good luck finding what you are looking for!

What was the name of Barry Norman's Film Night music introduction?

The name of the music is "I wish I knew how it would feel to be free"

How do you download songs from movies?

search up the name of the movie and then put soundtrack example: the hunger games soundtrack then you can look it up on itunes or whatever music downloader you have and there you go!

How do you put a heart on your Twitter name?

You can by either for computer or iPhone. For computer you can go like this <3 for iPhone u can buy an aft called emoji free and then get this 

Finding a Free Apple iPhone 4?

A free Apple iPhone 4 is not a dream. Instead, there are often contests and sweepstakes online for people to find such rewards. The key to finding a free Apple iPhone 4 is to take the time to submit one's name and information to such contests and to join email lists and blogs that focus on free products and giveaway opportunities.

Is there an app that can jailbreak an iPod touch?

Yes. I don't know the name of it. But if you google how to tether you iPhone with your computer to get free Internet, it gives you an app to jailbreak your iPhone/iPod

What is the name of the first iPhone?

iphone 3

How do you add songs from the computer to the iphone without deleting current songs on the iphone?

When pluggef in, enter the iPhone's summary page, ucheck the box mentioning automaticaly managing media. Apply the changes. Now, you just have to drag and drop music from your library onto your iPhone's name on the iTunes sidebar.

Free download of sheet music for Blessed Be What if your Name by Tree 63?

That is not a song

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