What is the name of Mitt Romney's gay son?

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Mitt Romney does not have an openly gay son.

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Q: What is the name of Mitt Romney's gay son?
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What son of Mitt Romney is gay?

Mitt Romney does not have an openly gay son.

Does Mitt Romney have a gay son?

It has been said that he has a gay son, but due to his beliefs he does not want to make it public.

Who is Parker Mitt Romney?

Parker Mitt Romney is Mitt Romney's grandson. He is the son of Craig and Mary Romney.

What is the meaning of a boys name Dylan?

It means "SON OF THE WAVES" but its such a gay name.

Who is the son of the former Michigan governor?

Mitt Romney

What are mitt Romneys grandchildrens names?

Mitt Romney has 15 grandchildren. I couldn't find all of their names but here is what I did find. Tagg and Jennifer's kids: Allie, Joe, Thomas Matt and Laurie's kids: 2 daughters and a son Josh and Jenn's kids: Gracie and Wyatt Ben and Andelynn's kids: Craig and Mary's kids: Miles and Parker Another is named Jonathan but I couldn't find who his parents are.

If you are gay would your son be gay too?

If you are gay you are unlikely to have a son. If you had a son he would most likely not be gay. Studies show that gay fathers do NOT usually have gay sons.

If a dad is gay does that make the son gay?

Not necessarily. The son has the same chance of being gay that a straight man's son would have.

Is crsitiano ronaldo gay?

No he is not gay, as he is the father of a son.

Where does the name larson come from it means your gay?

No, it has nothing to do with homosexuality. It's a Scandinavian tradition to name a boy after his father: Larson = Son of Lars, Johnson - Son of John, etc.

Why is my son gay?


Did Obama or Romney is the son of afomer michigan govenor?

Governor Mitt Romney is the son of former Michigan Governor George Romney.

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