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It is called the Ferrule

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Q: What is the name for the metal band that holds the rubber onto the pencil?
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What is the name of the metal band that holds an eraser on a pencil?

metal is that part.

How do you make a capo?

use pencil and rubber band.

Does wodden causing from a pencil conduct electricity?

The only part of a pencil that will conduct electricity is the metal band that holds the erasure and the lead graphite mixture that is used to put a mark on a page.

What is the metal band that attaches a pencil to an eraser called?

The metal band is known as a ferrule.

Can you make a bow and arrow with a pen?

Take two erasers a rubber band and a pencil. Then aline the the rubber band with the ends of the pen. Then put our erasers on the ends to hold the band in place.

What holds the bristles to the stick of a paint brush?

metal band

If a rubber band holds 278 grams how far will it stretch?

There is not sufficient information to answer the question.

How Can you leave scars on your wrists without cutting?

You can, like, with a pencil. Just do it hard enough, and it will mark. Just erase the pencil later on. And you can snap a rubber band onto the wrist. it will mark.

If you shoot a rubber band how far will it go?

It depends on the rubber band if is a small rubber band then it will go about 20'and if it is an bigger rubber band then it will go about 35' but it depends on the rubber band and the way you shoot the rubber band

Where is the ligature on the clarinet?

The ligature is the metal band on the clarinet's mouthpiece. It holds the reed in place.

Does the amount of stretch affect the distance a rubber band will travel what material do you need for that experiment?

Yes because you could stretch the rubber band long and it will go far but if you stretch short it will not go as far. the materials you need is rubber bands a tape measure or meter stick paper pencil

Are there any replacements for a capo?

Yup. You can use a hair tie that's tight or a pencil/pen and rubber band. Follow me on Twitter: @swiftstyles1326