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A typical center fire cartridge consists of bullet, cartridge case, primer and powder. The bottom is the cartridge case- and the bottom of the cartridge case is the case head. markings on it are called "headstamps".

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Q: What is the name for the bottom of a gun cartridge?
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What is the name of a machine gun bullet?


Where is the battery cartridge on vulcan ebf 25?

on the bottom of the gun behind where you clip on the tripod

How do you put a co2 cartridge airsoft pistol?

most of the time on the butt of the gun (bottom) it might be on the part facing you though but their will be a place to put the cartridge and then you screw it in

What is a magnum gun?

A magnum gun is a gun that will shoot a magnum cartridge, and that cartridge will have magnum in its' name. It is just a moniker that infers more powerful cartridge, but the name itself has little or no significance...other than as a marketing tool. One that will propel a projectile at significantly more velocity than a regular one.

How do you load a mini' cartridge grease gun without creating a huge mess since there is no plunger rod to pull from the bottom?

Load a mini cartridge grease gun without creating a huge mess, since there is no plunger rod to pull from the bottom, by first using rubber gloves. This will prevent the grease from making contact with the bare skin. Hold the grease cartridge above the opening to the grease gun and slowly slide into place.

How long will a co2 cartridge last in a paintball gun?

It depends on the size of the cartridge and the efficiency of the gun and the outside temperature.

Why is a shell for a gun called a bullet?

Actually, the proper name is "cartridge." The term bullet is an extremly common but incorrect usage when referring to a cartridge. The term bullet only refers to the piece of lead that comes out of the barrel when the gun is fired. The bullet is one component of the cartridge.

What are the procedures to follow a hangfire in a gun?

Keep gun pointed at target for 30 seconds. If gun does not fire, eject cartridge, reload with fresh cartridge, attempt to fire.

When building a gun should you concern about the muzzle energy or the pressure of a cartridge?

The pressure of the cartridge.

How do you shoot a gun with a bullet?

Affix the gun to a target. Load the bullet into a cartridge. Load the cartridge into a second gun. Aim carefully, squeeze the trigger. If you have done everything right, you will have shot the gun with a bullet.

Is the 38 super a gun?

It is a an automatic pistol cartridge fired by some guns. A gun that shoots that cartridge may be called a .38 Super.

What is a cartridge in a gun?

A cartridge is a complete round of ammunition. It consists of the cartridge case, which holds powder, primer and projectile (the bullet).

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