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Im not 100% sure but I think in 2012 its the "Kony 2012" video. if you watch it its really sad. and 30 min long so thats a video you can watch if you want something to do.

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โˆ™ 2012-03-14 13:05:30
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Q: What is the most viwed video on YouTube?
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What is the most viwed YouTube video?

Right now it's the evolution on dance. Now its Charlie Bit My Finger...again! with 152,000,000 veiwes

What is the most viwed yotube video?

''felix wants u to watch his other vid''

What is the most watched video in the world on YouTube?

As of January 2011, the most watched Youtube video in the world is the music video for Justin Bieber's song Baby.

What is the most liked video on youtube?

The most liked video on YouTube is Justin Bieber's Baby, with over 6.22 million likes. The most-viewed video is also by Justin Bieber, with over 2.47 billion views. If you include the views of several other videos posted by Bieber, then his videos account for 5 of the top 20 most viewed on YouTube.

What is Justin's most watched video on YouTube?

His water bottle video

What is the most watched Demi Lovato video on youtube?

The most popular Demi Lovato video on YouTube is "Let it Go". There are over 450 million views on the video as of 2016.

What is the most disliked video on you tube?

The most disliked video on YouTube is Rebecca Black's music video for Friday.

What is the most unpopular video on YouTube?

The most unpopular video on youtube doesn't exist...almost every video on youtube is popular. Although if you "the most unpopular video ever" in the youtube search box, you may get your answer. Good luck. Well the most popular video is one i made when i was 12 =D It only has four views. It is called : TheNamesMeera Stop motion animation Enjoy =D

What is the most veiwed youtube video?

Justin Bieber's "baby" music video.

What song has the most hits on YouTube?

Gangnam Style, by quite a big lead, has the most video views on YouTube. On YouTube alone, the video was viewed at an eye widening 1.7 billion times.

What is the most annoying video on YouTube?

The Big dik

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