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5% people have arches so it is most uncommon.

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Q: What is the most uncommon fingerprint?
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What is the most uncommon eye colour?

Purple is the most uncommon eye color

Which type of fingerprint is most common?


Which type of fingerprint most common?


Why is fingerprint examination is perhaps the most well established of all the forensic science?

Fingerprint examinations are the most consistently used means of identification. Fingerprint examinations have been around for over 100 years, originating around 1874.

What is the most uncommon color?

By doing the researching of colors, i think the most uncommon color is Razzmataz

What are the most commonly used markers for a DNA fingerprint?


What is the most distinctful part of a fingerprint?

isnoFingerprint examinations

Is the loop fingerprint pattern the most common?

yes it is

Do family members have the same fingerprint patterns?

No, your fingerprint patterns are different from everyone in the world's fingerprint not even your twin's fingerprint is like your's but most of the time your family member's finger prints are similar to yours but not all the time that's correct.

What is the most rare thing in a person?

Their personality. Their eyes. Their fingerprint's.

What dog breed is the most uncommon dog breed in the us?

the welsh springer spaniel is the most uncommon breed in the us

Is the whorl the most common type of fingerprint?

Well, there are three types of finger prints: 1. LOOP 2. WHORL 3. ARCH 60% of the people in the world have Loop fingerprints and 35% of the people in the world have Whorl fingerprints. Then there's the Arch, which 5% of people in the world have. The Whorl is NOT the most common type of fingerprint. Instead, it's the SECOND most common type of fingerprint. So that means that the Loop is the most common type of fingerprint.