What is the most memory of a iPhone?

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2010-12-07 01:14:48

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32gb is the largest a iphone goes w memory

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2010-12-07 01:14:48
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Q: What is the most memory of a iPhone?
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What is the most memory you can have on an iPhone 4?

The highest memory you can get is 32GB

What is the most memory that the iPhone comes with?


Can you upgrade your iPhone 3G memory?

No, you can not upgrade your iPhone 3G memory.

Can you upgrade the iPhone memory?

You'd have to get an memory card with an adapter in order for it to work. A Iphone memory card adapter.

Does a iPhone use a memory card?

No. The iPhone uses its internal memory. And a SIM card.

What's the biggest memory card you can put in an Iphone?

You cannot put a memory card in an Iphone,they use there internal memory for storage.

Where do i get a iPhone memory chip?

There's no such thing. The iphone does not have a memory chip you can plug in. If you mean internal spare parts then ebay.

What is the maximum memory of an iPhone?


If you buy a different type of memory card will it void your IPhone's warranty?

There are no memory cards available for the Iphone so you will not void the warranty.

How many applications can be stored on an iPhone?

As many as you have memory for when u plug in your iphone to your computer, open itunes and on the left under "devices" your iphone should be there. Click that and look at the bottom of itunes and there will be a little bar that gets full when your memory is getting full. If it is white for most of the bar, you should be good for a while. Most apps aren't huge.

Is there a memory card slot on the iphone?

No there is NO memory slot on the IPhone. Although the IPhone is an amazing thing (and I own one) Apple has left a slot out so that they can sell more expensive phones.

Can you put your memory card from your ipod in to a iphone?


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