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the best thing to give your boyfriend is a kiss.

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Q: What is the most important thing that a girlfriend can give to her boyfriend?
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Does the boyfriend in a relationship give the girlfriend a hickey?

It can go either way. The boyfriend giving it to the girlfriend or the girlfriend giving it to the boyfriend. And just in case you roll this way: girlfriend to girlfriend or boyfriend to boyfriend works out too. I don't think there are any rules for this.

What can a girlfriend do for her boyfriend?

A girlfriend can give the boyfriend the best feeling by just being there for him to cuddle at night. -thanks -danlar33

Does the guy you like give you something when you become boyfriend and girlfriend?


What if boyfriend with kids moves girlfriend in but then kicks out?

give him your taste of mind

What kind of massage should a boyfriend give his girlfriend?

A chaperoned massage.

Can I give a beautiful bra to my ex girlfriend who is married?

No, it is not right for an ex boyfriend to give his married ex girlfriend a bra as it is too personal.

Who shall you give gifts to on Movie Star Planet?

friends or girlfriend/boyfriend

What if your boyfriend got you something but you forgot and didn't get him anything back?

Im a guy and my girlfriend usually doesnt give me any thing its normal when she does its just like a wallet or boxers

How do you get a zcard boyfriend on zwinky?

yes,you can have a boyfriend or a girlfriend on zwinky but dont give them your phone number all the time but yes you can have one on zwinky everyone i have a bf on zwinky and im his gf so its okay to have one its not a bad thing to have one.

Is your ex boyfriend ever going to give up his ex girlfriend?

Only he knows the answer.

What can you do to save a relationship that is about to fall?

give your girlfriend/boyfriend a gift that you know by heart that he/she will like

When is the right time to end the relationship with a boyfriend who conceals the truth and having no time for his girlfriend but finds time for his friends?

the sooner the better. if he doesn't make you important to him, then sadly you are NOT important to him give him the flick and find someone who deserves you