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cat scan or a ct

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Q: What is the most accurate gender predictor other than an ultrasound?
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What are the characteristics of gay and lesbian people?

Being sexually and romantically interested in persons of the same gender as your self, and not the other gender. Otherwise, there are no distinguishing characteristics.

Are gas piston air guns accurate?

They are just as accurate as any other power system in air guns. A lot of it has to do with the design and length of the barrel. Rifles barrels are much more accurate than smooth bore barrels.

Gender identity refers to?

Ones gender identity is simply the gender that one is. Ones gender is decided by and for ones self without regard to what one was assigned at birth or what other peoples opinions of gender are. The importance of gender (identity) for someone can range from being very important to being something that one is indifferent about. Someone's gender (identity) is generally what one would answer to the question "what gender are you?" - such questions are often asked online, where one may have a username and picture on social media that doesn't doesn't indicate a particular gender to the person asking the question. In addition, the attached Venn diagram may help in answering this question. where the five parts (assigned gender at birth, gender identity, gender expression/presentation, gender role and, romantic or sexual orientation) are things that do not overlap, although for some people it maybe that these things are apart of how and why they identify the way they do, but that is up to each individual to decide for themself. For example, many people identify with the gender that they were assigned at birth, and some do not. Furthermore, someone may identify with being a man while expressing his gender in a way that's different to what is typically expected of men in his specific culture. There are many myths about gender that can make this topic hard to understand, as many people believe that certain things outside their decision making dictate what gender they are and therefore the genders other people. However, with the way gender is described above, an individual can decide what they believe without having to dictate this for others, which allows for people to freely be who they are and talk about what gender means to them without having to tell others who they are and what to do.

Is 59 pounds ok for a nine year old?

It depends on many other factors not stated, like gender and height.

What percentage of people drink?

That depends on age, area of residence, gender, income level, religion, and many other factors.

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How can you know your baby's gender without having an ultrasound?

there is no other accurate way of telling weather its a boy or girl.

How can we predict pregnancy gender?

An efficient way to predict baby gender is to have an ultrasound. There are some other types of tests that are not effective such as the Chinese lunar calendar.

Is there even such things as a pregnancy gender predictor Other then having a ultra sound to determine the sex of the baby?

Yes, there are several available. The accuracy however isn't disclosed. But if you would like to try one, go to

How do you get a ultrasound on Howrse?

If your mare is pregnate, in the box labled reproduction,there will be an option called "Ultrasound". if your mare is 8 months pregnate or more, for 50 Equus you can select ultrasound to find the gender, breed, and coat color of your horse. To find out how pregnate your horse is, go to information in the reproduction tab, that is also where the information found by your ultrasound will appear. Feel free to ask me any other questions, my username is goldh31!

What is the other gender of drake?

the other gender of drake is duck.

What is the other gender of prince?

the other gender of price is princess

What is the other gender for host?

other gender for host could be hostress

How do you dolphins talk each other?

with ultrasound

What other animals use ultrasound?

the bats

What other names is a pelvic ultrasound known by?

Depending on the goal of the procedure, a pelvic ultrasound can also be called a bladder ultrasound, pelvic gynecologic sonogram, or obstetric sonogram.

What does open-gender relationship mean?

Any gender with any other gender can be in a relationship

What are the uses of ultrasound by animals?

The uses of ultrasound by animals are so that they can locate their prey and find the location of other objects or predetors.

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