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They are called BT-99 shotguns

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Q: What is the model of a Browning single barrel trap gun?
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Trying to figure out what model Browning shotgun this is single shot serial?

Please add the serial, but it is likely a single barrel trap gun such as the BT99

What is the value of a Browning Citori grade VI 4 barrel set made in 1987?

You must add if this gun is a trap model,skeet model,standard model,golden clays model,sporting clays model before we can give you a correct price.Also include the condition of your browning as this will help quit a bit.

What year was your Browning ou trap model 99104s made?

You must call Browning to find out.

Do they make a trap model in the browning a5?

Yes they did make a auto-5 trap.These were made with a 30in.full vent rib barrel and weighs 8.5lbs.these were made by FN in belguim until 1970.

Is your Browning auto 5 shotgun serial 4M33370 a trap model?

The prefix of 4M to your serial number indicates that you have a Browning standard weight model auto-5 shotgun,which was made in the year 1964.If it was a trap model,it would be so marked.

Browning D grade trap gun ser no 4581 can you Get some information about it Regards?

More information is needed. The model can't be identified by that 4 digit number. What is the action - Over/Under? are there any other letters or numbers associated with the serial number? What are the Barrel Markings? Does the barrel actually say "Browning Arms Co.?" What is the address? Please provide more info, or contact Browning

What is the value of one of the 250 Browning Super Trap Model ST 80 made for the 1980 Olympic Games with an adjustable bottom barrel to change the point of impact?

Vale 5000.- Euro Vale 5000.- Euro

What is the age and value of a Lefever single shot trap model 21720?

The Lefever single barrel trap gun was discontinued in 1942. Any Lefever in better than 90% condition is extremely rare and difficult to evaluate. In 90% condition it would be worth about $550; in 10%, $195.

How can you tell if your b-80 browning shotgun is a trap gun or did they even make one?

Browning never marketed a B80 specifically as a "Trap Model". In 1987 they came out with the B80 Plus model which could shoot all loads. Prior to that, each gun used a special recoil adapter. Invectors were also available. The B80 was dropped from the line in 1989. Basically any B80 with a 30" barrel and full choke could be considered a gun for trap, however the stocks were designed for hunting use.

What is the value of a Browning Citori Plus trap gun?

I bought a Citori Plus, in a combo set, which included a 34" trap barrel and the O/U barrel, plus the case. I bought it new about 8 years ago for $2400. I would think you could get around $1500 for the plus model, non combo set, if it is in very good condition, less if it has been "used".

What is the value of a 1953 belguim browning lightning trap gum 30inch barrel?

The browning superposed lightning trap shotgun will command a nice price.If your shotgun is between 60%-90% in its original finish and a good set of bores,you can get between 700-1,000 dollars.

You currently own a Browning trap gun known as the Broadway Trapgun What is the company model designation of this shotgun?

You will have to call Browning since you don't mention the serial number.