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try dating it at the browning website:

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Q: What is the mfg date of a browning challenger 22 with serial number 129527U9?
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When was Browning Challenger Serial number 6099OU6 made?

Your Browning challenger with the suffix of U6 to the serial number indicates that it was made in the year 1966.The Browning Challenger was available from 1959-1974.

When did browning stop making challenger II pistols?

Answer Browning Challenger II ageBrowning says 1982, but I have seen one with a serial number dated 1983.I can confirm the above answer. My Browning Challenger II has a serial number dated 1983.

When was it made belgium browning challenger ser nr 99943u8?

Your Browning challenger was made in the year 1968,with the serial number that you supplied.

What year browning challenger serial 63481U74?


Do I have a browning challenger 1 or 2 serial 70343 U74 purchased 38 years ago new?

The U74 suffix to your serial number indicates that your Browning challenger was made in the year 1974.This also revels that you have a Challenger I because the Browning challenger II was not made until 1975.You should have Plastic wraparound grips which were only made on the challenger I in 1974.The challenger I was produced from 1962-1974.The challenger II was made from 1975-1982.I hope this helps?

What is your browning seril 1172s2u8 22 caliber?

Your serial number isn't quite right, please check it again, but it appears you have a Browning Challenger.

Does the serial number on a Browning Challenger tell the year the weapon was made?

Yes, once you look it up at

Browning pistol ser116146u8 22 cal i have been told that it is either a nomad or challenger or a buck mark can you tell me what it is?

The letter "u" in the serial number indicates it is a Challenger

I have a Belgian Browning Challenger serial number 70u2p69. This pistol has a safety but no lock to keep the chamber open. When was this pistol made?


Does a Challenger with a serial number ending in U2 refer to a manufacture date of 1962?

You are correct in your assumption that the U2 prefix to your serial number indicates that your Browning challenger was made in 1962,The U letter indicates the model challenger,while the Nomad was identified with the letter P,and the Medalist was with the letter T.all followed by the last number of the year during the time span of 1959-1968.From 1969-1974 Browning used a two number identifier.example-challenger made in 1973 would be U73.

When was it made belgian browning challenger ser nr 11136u69?

1969. During the early part of 1969 Browning serial numbers for the Challenger ended in "U9". At about serial number 134820U9 Browning began to use the two digits "69", perhaps starting at 500 and continuing to at least 26880U69. 28907P70 is the earliest number that I know of for a 1970 model. Serial numbers for the Nomad (designated "P"), the Challenger (designated "U" ) and the Medalist (designated "T") were comingaled for any given year from 1962 to 1975 .

What is the age and value of a Browning Challenger serial 60xxUx?

Depends on what the 'x' after the U is.