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Bedspread = 42" x 58"

Fitted sheet = 28" x 52"

Flat sheet = 43" x 60"

Pillow case = 20" x 29"

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Q: What is the measurements of toddler bedding?
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Which toddler bedding has mickey mouse?

Disney Cyber Mickey Mouse 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set is toddler bedding with Mickey Mouse.

Which toddler bedding is hypo allergenic?

Naturepedic No-compromise Organic Cotton Classic is toddler bedding that is hypo allergenic.

Is the "Yo Gabba Gabba" toddler bedding collection hypoallergenic?

The Yo Gabba Gabba toddler bedding collection is, sadly, not hypoallergenic. There are plenty of other manufacturers that do provide hypoallergenic toddler bedding, though.

Are toddler bed comforters and sheets the same size as crib bedding ?

Toddler bedding is a bit bigger and thicker in weight

Does the Max toddler bedding collection have free shipping?

The Max Toddler bedding collection will usually not have free shipping, owing to its weight and bulk.

Which toddler bedding is stain resistant?

The Starlight Support toddler mattress is stain resistant.

Which toddler bedding is fire resistant?

Dream On Me Visco is a fire resistant toddler mattress.

What are the most popular themes in baby and toddler bedding?

Lately, Disney seems to be the prominent theme for baby and toddler bedding, but floral patterns are popular, too.

Toddler Bedding Sets?

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Can I use bleach on my baby and toddler bedding?

You should check the label on the bedding to see if that is safe.

Is there toddler bedding with Strawberry Shortcake on it?

Yes Walmart and many other stores carry the bedding.

Where can I find satin baby and toddler bedding?

Most department stores and baby boutiques stores carry satin baby and toddler bedding, either in store or by special order.