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Umm, I’ve been searching for the answer/meaning of this quote. I can’t be certain of the author’s intent. However, I suspect that, actually, it is NOT a flattering statement. Typically, a wolf represents someone who is cunning, sneaky, not to be trusted. It seems they are describing someone who over-reacts to harmless things and is gullible to (or even desires) harmful things.

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This quote suggests that a girl may respond differently in situations based on her perception of danger. She may react fearlessly to something harmless like a mouse, but be fascinated or intrigued by something more threatening like a wolf. It highlights the complexity and diversity of a girl's nature.

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I think it means that she's not afraid of anything and is willing to take risks or something like that for more conveersation email me:

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Q: What is the meaning of this quotes - A girl is someone who screams at a mouse and smiles at a wolf?
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