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Gravida Aborta means a woman who has been pregnant - gravida but the pregnancy ended before term by either miscarriage (SAB) or abortion (TAB) - aborta.

Aborta does not state a difference between TAB or SAB.

TAB is Therapeutic abortion (medically induced abortion)

SAB is Spontaneous abortion (miscarriage)

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Q: What is the meaning of gravida aborta?
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When was Polypoetes aborta created?

Polypoetes aborta was created in 1913.

What is the suffix meaning pregnant?


What is the medical terminology combining form meaning pregnant?

Gravida Means Pregnant

What is gravida 2?

Gravida is the Latin pronouncement for a pregnant woman. Gravida 2 means the woman is pregnant for the second time.

What is 'gravida' when translated from Italian to English?

Gravida in Italian means "pregnant" in English.

When was La donna gravida created?

La donna gravida was created in 1506.

What is the medical term meaning pregnancy?

Another word for Pregnancy is Gestation.

What is the medical term meaning the number of times a woman has been pregnant including the present pregnancy?

Gravida is the medical term meaning the number of pregnancies a woman has had.

What does gravida 3 para 0030 mean?

Gravida means pregnant. The numbers following "gravida" indicate the number of pregnacies, so "Gravida 3" means Third Pregnancy. Para means having given birth to one or more viable infants, and the number following "para" indicates the number of times the woman has given birth. For example, Gravida 5 Para 2 would indicate 5 pregnancies but only 2 infants, meaning 3 miscarriages. Most likely what you're wanting to know is what Gravida 3 Para 3 means- it means 3rd pregnancy resulting in a 3rd infant.

What actors and actresses appeared in Gravida - 2007?

The cast of Gravida - 2007 includes: Adam Kukic as Guy

Is gravida 3 a primigravida?


What is the term meaning many pregnancies?

Nulligravida refers to a woman who has never been pregnant (or gravida 0).Primigravida refers to a woman who is pregnant for the first time or who has been pregnant once — in other words, from the time a woman gets pregnant the first time until she gets pregnant the second time, she can be referred to as a Primigravida (or gravida 1).Multigravida means a woman who is currently pregnant or who has been pregnant two or more times (gravida 2, gravida 3, etc.)

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