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heavy duty ballpen in the world

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Q: What is the meaning of HBW ball pen?
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What does give a ball pen mean.. does it have a sexual meaning?

a ball pen is simply a type of pen - there is no sexual meaning. It's just a coincidence.

What does give a ball pen mean?

That means that the person wants to do something something related to ball and a pen. Second meaning He want a ball pen.

When was HBW Balingen-Weilstetten created?

HBW Balingen-Weilstetten was created in 2002.

What is ball point pen commonly called in India?

Ball point pen is called ball pen in India

Is the ball pen is at rest or in motion when the ball pen hanging on the yarn?

no,,, the ball pen is at rest or meaningful is sleep,,,thers no motion or forces acting on the ball pen when it hanging on to the yarn,,,,,,

What is the name for the tip of a pen?

For ball-point pens, the tip of the pen is actually made of a ball bearing, and so the tip of the ball-point pen would be a point until it is worn or not manufactured properly, in which case it might be abit flattened.

What is difference between ball-pen and gel-pen?

ball pen is ink. gel pen is a gel-like ink.. but not ink itself.

Is there such thing as a HBW in cricket?

No. The correct term is LBW, and it means Leg Before Wicket.It is used when a batsman, in trying to play a ball, is hit on the leg when the ball would have actually hit the wicket, and he is therefore adjudged to be `OUT`

What is the Tagalog of ball-point pen?

Tagalog translation of BALL-POINT PEN: pluma

Who discover ball pen?

The person who invented the ball point pen is László Bíró.

What is the timeline for a ballpoint pen?

The quill pen, the fountain pen and then the ball point pen.

What is roller ball pen?

A pen which has a tiny ball on the tip of the ink to spread the ink out evenly.