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Real Facts About EIILM University Sikkim

EIILM University is a private university and it's owner is Mr. Vinay Roy and his office's address is A-41, Mohan Estate, Near Mohan Estate Metro station, Vespire Building, Mathura Road, Next to Pind Baluchi restaurant, New Delhi.

EIILM University has a UGC/DEC approval but not for all those courses which they are running and distributing degrees.

EIILM University doesn't have any recognition to run any program or provide any certificate for technical/Vocational programs through distance learning.

EIILM is not authorized to give diploma in Engineering in distance mode but they issued many lakh diploma certificates and made billions INRs but they never thought about the future of students.

The owner Rai foundation group, Mr. Vinay Rai Made a Rai University in Chhattisgarh but its name is in the UGC's fake universities' list.

Mr. Vinay Rai is famous for Illegal works. He is called "EDUCATION MAFIA". He has already destroyed the career of thousands of students.

Vinay Rai is running many management and hotel management institutions and providing illegal degrees with fake commitments of Jobs.

There is a only one responsible for all these criminal activities and He is Vinay Rai.

Now he has earned Million's of INR and has made his own many private universities in different states of India.

Dr. O.B. Vijayan, prof. Mini Juneja etc. are the main hands of Mr. Vinay Rai and have big responsible post in university.

The main important thing is all chancellor, vice chancellor, PVC, examination controller etc. whole staff don't go to main campus of university in Sikkim. They sit at B2-100, Near Badarpur Metro Station or A-41, Mohan Estate, ND.

How university can give a two/three years course degree in 1 month by saying single sitting examination system.

And finally be alert and don't go to get any illegal document of this group.

Here are some following popular but illegal/fake brands of this group :

Rai Business school, RBS, EBS, DBS, EIILM, NIILM, IIHM, RAI etc.

Please take your money back immediately if you have already paid without any enquiry. It is really a big scam.

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Q: What is the maximum range of shotgun slugs?
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What is the maximum range for a shotgun?

The effective range of a typical shotgun is about 45 meters

What is the maximum range in yards of the M500 shotgun?

The maximum range for the Mossberg 500 is 55 yds for shot (the Navy uses 00 buckshot), and 328 yds for rifled slugs. However, the effective ranges are about 44 yds for both, though of course slugs will do a lot more damage. The Mossberg 500 is an outstanding shotgun, easily maintained and durable (much more so than the Remington 870, which requires repair much sooner with comparable use).

What is the maximum range of the shotgun?

The 'maximum' range of ashotgun differs, I suggest getting a friend to stand around 10 metres away, fire the shotgun at them, if they are hit then it is more than 10 metres.

What is the maximum effective range of the M500 shotgun?

40 m or 131.2 feet for a 12-gauge M500 shotgun

What is the maximum effective range of the shotgun?

Depends on what gauge, what load and barrel length

What is the maximum effective range of shotgun shells?

Well you see which is the maximum and subtracr it by the minimum answer.Then you subtract it by the answer of numbers.

What does a shotgun shoot?

Pellets or slugs. shotguns usually shoot shot or pellets, but you can shoot slugs. in Indiana we use a shotgun to hunt deer and use shotgun slugs, better to use a barrel with no choke in it. cylinder bore preferred.

Maximum effective range of shotgun shell?

20-100m or so depending on the specifics of the load.

Can you shoot slugs out of a savage 24s-a shotgun?

of course you can

What is maximum effective range of the mossberg 500A1 shotgun with a shot load?

20 yards

What is the maximum effective range of the M500?

40 m or 131.2 feet for a 12-gauge M500 shotgun

What is the maximum effective range on a gun?

It depends on the gun! artillery can be fired from 10-20 miles away and some sniper rifles can fire 2-3 miles but a shotgun has a maximum range of about 50m.