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Q: What is the male and female called in an lesbian relationship?
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How can you differentiate a male female gay and lesbian?

if you are a male and you prefer your own sex then you are GAY ! if you are a woman and prefer your own sex then you are a LESBIAN ! a male cant be a lesbian !

Can a boy become a lesbian if he wants?

No. A lesbian is a female who likes other females. A male can have a sex change to appear female, but he is still a male without a penis. If a male wants to become a lesbian, that means he likes females. Seems he should leave things alone and get on with life.

Is gay and lesbian a gender?

No. Gay and lesbian are sexual orientations. Genders are things like male, female, or intersex.

Has anyone ever heard of a gay male being in a relationship with a lesbian female or at least a biological male with female gender being in a relationship with a biological female with male gender?

Okayfirst of all your question is kind of hard to understand it took me like three times to get it. but yes I've heard of to homosexuals of different genders being together but it was mostly on a i want a kid get me pregnant sort of thing.

Do lesbian's think of trangender's when holding their partner or making love to their partner or sleeping with their partner?

Doubt it. A female to male transgender would be like a man which a lesbian is not attracted to, and a male to female would still be a man.

What are male and female tigers called?

The male is called a tiger. The female is called a tigress.

Is angala gasow a lesbian?

If Angala is a female homosexual she would be a 'lesbian'. In common parlance, 'gay' refers to male homosexuals.

What is a female and male deer called?

The male is called a buck and the female is called a doe.

What a male and female donkey called?

A Male Donkey is a Jack and a Female Donkey is a JennyA male is called a 'Jack' and a female a 'Jenny'

What is a female and male tiger called?

A female Tiger is called a Tigress,

What is an alpha mate called?

An alpha mate is a type that dominates the relationship. In this case it could be male of female.

What does a female expect from an male in a relationship?

a female ecpects a male to be a gentlemen. Also to be veary kind.