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The TextBox class is a Screen that allows the user to enter and edit text whereas A TextField is an editable text component that may be placed into a Form.

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Q: What is the main difference between textbox and textfield in J2me?
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What is the structure of a J2ME program?

<J2ME> //Begin the body of the program here <Midlet> //This is where the midlet code goes </start-app> </pause-app> </destory-app> </midlet> </J2ME>

Where can you get help for J2ME?

You can get help with J2me using the forums on sun microsystems website you can either search for Java Sun Forums on google or follow this link Here you can get more information checkout this link

How do you get locales list in j2me?

Use System.getProperty("microedition.locale ")

Why J2ME is needed?

because it is in the Cdac Wimc Corse

Is there a DOS emulator for normal j2me based phones?

No not yet.

How do you run j2me program in netbeans?

you cannot do it. [Creator:NetBeans IDE 7.1.2]

Which field has more opportunities j2me or dot net?

dot net for sure. dotnet is an overall term for C#, VB.Net, C++, J#, ASP.Net, etc. The applications are from web applications down to compact framework. The compact framework (run on Window CE) is the equivalent of J2ME (run on some PDAs only). But if J2SE or J2EE, it would be a wash. If you compare the job opportunities in Canada (the .net) to that of Chicago (the J2ME)... but if you compare Toronto (Window CE) and Chicago (J2ME)...

Can you open excelword in sony Ericsson W700?

I think its possible. Because the phone is JAVA(J2ME) enabled. I think it may be possible to create an application in J2ME which will open an "excel sheet".Manjunath B M

How do you print data from a J2me mobile to any Printer directly without a PC?

Can use BluetoothConnection

What are the different types in java programming language?

core java ,jse.advanced jse,jee and j2me

How do you make mobile project documentation?

Mobile project doc ? its not clear which kind docs required , bcoz mobile diff client are there BREW ,WAP,J2me Brew (MIxed the java and c tech) WAP fully java , j2me .. adv, java .

J2me apis and j2se apis?

You can find the Java APIs at Sun's website. See related links.