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Some bodybuilders get as low as 3% at some point.

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Q: What is the lowest percent body fat found on a human?
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yes hydrogen is found in the human body sine the body is 75 percent water and water is 66 percent hydrogen so yes you have hydrogen in your body

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Carbon makes up about eighteen percent of the human body. Oxygen is the element found most abundantly in the human body with sixty five percent.

How does nitrogen help the human body?

Three percent mass of the human body is constituted by Nitrogen. It is found in nucleic acid, proteins and other organic molecules. It is found in lungs as the primary gas in air.

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Muscles make up around 40 percent of a personâ??s body weight. For instance, there are over 600 muscles found in the human body.

What percent of the human body is an arm?

Nine percent.

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99 percent of the human body contains carbon, oxygen and hydrogen atoms. The composition of hydrogen in human body is 9.5 percent.

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It can be in whole body of human.

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