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Do You Have A Picture Of 45 410/

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Q: What is the leinard inc ducktown tn mod dd cal45 value?
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Where is the Ducktown Basin Museum Inc in Ducktown Tennessee located?

The address of the Ducktown Basin Museum Inc is: Po Box 458, Ducktown, TN 37326-0458

Antique derringer 45 cal from Ducktown Tn?

Almost certainly NOT an antique. Made by Leinad Inc. in Ducktown, TN. They also made a side by side .410/.45 derringer. I have one and it is very impressive to shoot.

I have a s.s 410 pistol mfgr by leinad inc. I would like to know the date of mfgr. The serial is 00003327?

Made by Leinad Inc. in Ducktown, TN. Phone # 423-496-7060.

Is fmj still makein firearms in duck town if so how do you contact them?

To contact FMJ makers of the 45/410 Derringer write to Leinad Inc.... PO Box 579 ....... Ducktown,TN 37326

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What type of firearm would you consider a cobray modified dd cal 45 r00000423 made by leinad inc in ducktown tn to be a double barrel shotgun or a double barrel riffle and give estimated value of it?

It is whatever the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) says it is since they do the legal defining of firearms. Since Cobray did the modification for sale, I suggest that you ask them, since they surely vetted the firearm through the BATF before selling it.

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