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The legal BAC limit in Washington state for operating a motor vehicle is .08.

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Q: What is the legal blood alcohol concentration limit in Washington?
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What does BAC measure?

Blood Alcohol Content. How much of your blood is alcohol. Legal driving limit is < .08

What blood or breath alcohol concentration is legal proof that an operator is boating under the influence of alcohol according to Utah law?

Blood Alcohol Content BAC 0.10.

The measure of the amount of alcohol in a persons blood is called what?

Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is the measure of the amount of alcohol in a person's blood. BAC is expressed as a percentage, with 0.08% being the legal limit for driving under the influence in most places.

What is the blood alcohol concentration for persons of legal drinkig age?

.08 in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Virginia

The amount of alcohol in a persons blood?

The amount of alcohol in a person's blood is measured by their blood alcohol concentration (BAC). BAC is calculated as a percentage of alcohol in the blood by weight. It is used as a standard measure to determine a person's level of intoxication. In most countries, a BAC of 0.08% is considered the legal limit for driving under the influence.

What is the legal Blood Alcohol Concentration limit in CA?

It is .08% it's same for Oregon

What is the legal alcohol limit in Florida for a class a driver?

In Florida, the legal alcohol limit for a Class A driver is 0.04%. This means that a driver operating a commercial vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.04% or higher is considered legally intoxicated. It is lower than the limit for non-commercial drivers, which is 0.08%.

What is a legal alcohol concentration for most liquor?

The legal alcohol concentration for most liquors is 70% to 80%. Most of the liquors are 80%.

What is serum alcohol?

Serum alcohol refers to the concentration of alcohol in the blood. It is often measured in milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) and is used to determine the level of intoxication or impairment in an individual. This measurement is commonly used in forensic and medical settings.

What is the legal age to sell alcohol in Washington?

The legal age for alcohol nationwide is 21, but Washington has always been at 21.

Is Blood Alcohol Concentration is the amount of alcohol in an individual's body measured by the weight of the alcohol in a volume of blood.?

% volume

What is your bac level?

The BAC (blood alcohol concentration) level refers to the proportion of alcohol in the blood.