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Well.....the rifle was and is used to escort(march next to the American flag) in the military or at any special event in the honor guard. Then it was slowly introduced to a drill team which then started in schools and then they merged into the colorguard(usually associated with a marching band). Now we spin and toss those same rifles in the air.

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Q: What is the history of colorguard rifle?
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Where can one find more information about Colorguard?

To find information about Colorguard one could visit their website. The site is called "The Colorguard Site". There one can learn what Colorguard is and how to join.

What are some good color ideas to tape your colorguard rifle?

For Christmas you can use white and red electrical tape to make your rifle look like a candy cane! Just tape your rifle all white and tape red in a swirl!

Where do you put your hands on a colorguard rifle when tossing a single double and triple Also for a saber Please help i really want to do good in colorguard?

It depends on your guard instructor. But mostly, your right hand two or three inches from the tip of the rifle, and your left hand an inch or so from the spotter (The gold thing). Then for Sabre (For colorguard, it's spelled 'Sabre'), you catch on the black tape that's the farthest to the tip, and on the carriage (The handle). Pretty much the same up until sixes or sevens. Hope that helps you, and don't quit at guard! :]

Does Harvard have colorguard?

Harvard doesn't have an official colorguard squad, but it does use twirlers and the like occasionally.

When was Mid-York Colorguard Circuit - MYCGC - created?

Mid-York Colorguard Circuit - MYCGC - was created in 1965.

In colorguard what is the pole made of?


What kind of tape do you need to tape your colorguard rifle?

Strapping tape to go around your tip, bolt, and butt. And then my guard uses electrical tape to wrap around the entire thing

Is colorguard only for girls?

For those outside the US and the uninitiated, colorguard is flag twirling after the military style, often incorporating props and dance routines. Colorguard, is a boy and girl activity. Boys in many schools are in colorgurard and enjoy it.

Who comprises the colorguard for the presidential inauguration?

Native American Women Warriors

Does the University of Washington Seattle have a colorguard?

yes. all day. sunday

How do you find the history of an 1863 Springfield Rifle?

1863 was a civil war 58 caliber rifle. there is no history unless you fine the owner's family and the family knows details pertaining to the rifle.

How do you clean a colorguard rifle?

If you're a neat freak like me: it's easy. First get all 'bad' tape off. Get a warm, wet washcloth and lightly scrub off the dirt with the washcloth. Get a towel and dry. Reapply new tape. - That's basically it...