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No published history of the company

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Q: What is the history for a midland gun co 270?
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When was the last midland gun co shot gun made?

The last shot gun made by Midland Gun Co. was in the late 1950s. I got this answer

How good are midland gun co scopes?

Low end

What years were midland gun co rifles made?

1888 - 1950

When was the last midland gun co rifle made?

Midland made there last Rifle in 1965.They where then taken over by ParkerHale.They made rifles with the Midland as a model.For example Midland 1100,1200 and so on.

When was the last rifle made by Midland Gun Co?

e Those records are not in the public domain..

How much is midland co 12ga single shot shot gun worth?

No more than 100

Information about A Midland Gun Co LTD Model 1127shotgun?

A model 1127 midland gun co. ltd shotgun is a 20 gauge chambered for 3 inch rounds with a 26 inch barrel single shot. hope this helps they were discontinued in the early 50's.

What is a Midland gun co model 1126 worth?

Need a detailed description of all markings, features and condition.

Is the Midland gun co still in business?

No. This company was founded in the late 1880s with premises in Bath Street and Price Street. The company was absorbed into/purchased by Parker Hale in the 1950s.

Ithaca gun co inc Ithaca ny rifle caliber 270 win serial number 650-33299 lsa-65?

Ithaca imported this gun from LSA in Finland from 1971 thru 1978, when it was discontinued. It was available in several different calibers, but the 270 was first available in 1971. According to "Modern Guns", 15th edition, this gun in "excellent condition" should be worth $420.00; in "very good" condition $335.

Went to gun show and bought a single barrel shot gun called the coach with Wells Fargo and co plus four nothches on barrel know what era this was from?

Looking for someone with history of a single barrel shot gun with wells Fargo & co on barrel and four notches also on gun like to know if its from the stage coach era as the shot gun is called coach

How old is your American gun co gun?

it's an 1850 american gun co. double barrel shotgun made in baltimore maryland