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double fudge with caramel on top

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Q: What is the healthiest fudge?
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What is a superlative for healthy?

the healthiest

Who is Matt fudge?

AKA Miss Matt Fudge of the Fudge Report

Is fudge a noun?

== == Yes, fudge is a noun. A noun is a person, place, or thing. Fudge is a thing. Fudge is a noun if it refers to the chocolate treat. Fudge can also be a verb.

What is the healthiest coffee?

You can't say "Most Healthiest." Either say "Most Healthy" or "Healthiest."

What fudge has striations of fudge mixed in vanilla ice cream?

Fudge ripple ice cream is vanilla with striations of fudge through it.

Will Nabisco introduce their Fudge Cookies line as their answer to Keebler's Fudge Shoppe brand?

Yes, Nabisco is introducing their fudge cookies line as their answer to Keebler's Fudge Shoppe brand in 2016, and it's probably going to be called Nabisco Fudge Cookies. The following products will include the soon-to-be updated version of "Pinwheels" (which are golden vanilla cookies topped with marshmallow and coated in chocolatey fudge, and are in the same donut ring form as before), "Fudge Shorties" (which are fudge striped shortbread cookies), "Fudge Sticks" (which are vanilla creme cookie wafers coated in chocolatey fudge), "Fudge Grahams" (which are graham crackers coated in chocolatey fudge), "Stuffed Fudge Shorties" (which are Fudge Shorties cookies loaded with lots of gooey fudge that have more fudge stripes on the center, as their answer to Keebler's new Magic Middles cookies), and "Hoppers" (which are mint fudge cookies).

Is fudge vegetarian?

I am a vegetarian and Fudge is just sugar and butter so yes you can have fudge!

What is F-f and f-d intensity?

fudge- fudge and fudge-dark intensity

Why is Russian fudge called Russian fudge?

because it is fudge thats made in russia???

What are three sentences for the word fudge?

Fudge cake is very delicious.She wants fudge for dessert.Would you like fudge cookies or chocolate chip cookies?

What is the healthiest thing for you?

The healthiest thing for you is pure water.

Can you freeze fudge?

Yes, you can freeze fudge.