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it gives food or drinks to the baby while it is inside the womb.

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2012-04-20 08:36:11
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Q: What is the function of the umbilical cord during pregnancy?
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What is the function umbilical cord during 5-8 weeks?

During the first 5 to 8 weeks of pregnancy, the functions of the umbilical cord is to deliver nutrients to the developing fetus. Throughout the entire pregnancy it serves as a blood supply and also filters waste and deoxygenated blood as well.

How does an embryo get nutrients during pregnancy?

The embryo of a mammal is connected to the mother by the umbilical cord. The cord connects the embryo to the placenta, which transfers nutrients to the blood in the umbilical cord.

Where does the baby gets its food during pregnancy?

From the placenta through the umbilical cord.

How does a developing fetus exchange material during pregnancy?

through the placenta and umbilical cord

What exchanges nutrients and waste between the mother and fetus during pregnancy?

The umbilical cord

What do babies live on during pregnancy?

Babies get food from their mother's blood. They are connected by the umbilical cord.

Where is the houses of the fetus during pregnancy?

The fetus is in the uterus where it gets nourishment from the placenta via the umbilical cord.

Is it safe to clean the umbilical cord while pregnant?

No, but thankfully it is also not possible. During pregnancy, the umbilical cord connects the fetus to the mother and is held within the uterus, which is sealed until birth.

Function of umbilical cord?

The cord carries nutrients and oxygen from the placenta

Is the function of the umbilical cord to let oxygen into the fetus?

The umbilical cord delivers oxygen and nutrients to the fetus and removes wastes.

What is the name of the tube that links the placenta to the fetus?

The umbilical cord. The umbilical cord has the function of sending blood to the baby and returning blood from the baby after it has been utilized. There are two arteries in the umbilical cord that do this.

What is the function of the umbilical cord in a mammalian fetus?

The main function of the umbilical cord in a mammalian fetus is to carry nourishment and oxygen to the fetus from the mother's placenta, and to carry waste products from the fetus to the placenta. The umbilical cord is the source of connection from the placenta to the fetus.

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