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800-1100 or so.

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Q: What is the fps of the 22 rifle?
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How fast can a 22 caliber travel?

4000 fps or so. However, if you mean a .22 Long rifle, about 1200 FPS.

What is the muzzle velocity of a 22 rifle?

It can vary from a few hundered fps to over a thousand fps

What is the fastest rifle cartridge?

.17 and .22 variants can go 4000 FPS +

What can 900 fps 22 cal air rifle kill?

Rodents and small game.

How many fps does a b3-1 22 caliber pellet rifle have?

The Chinese B-3 is rated at 450 FPS by the Manufacture. This is considered to be slow in the world of .22 caliber air rifles. As an example the Hatsan model 95 fires a .22 caliber pellet at 800 FPS and a Crosman Nitro Venom fires a .22 cal pellet at 950 FPS.

How powerful is a webley eclipse air rifle?

The Eclipse came in 3 different calibers. .177@925 FPS - .22@710 FPS - .25@620 FPS. It was mfg between 1990 & 1996

How fast is a 22 caliber rifle round?

Most match grade .22 runs at about 1050 fps. Various bullet weights and powder charges will produce different velocities, but figure from about 1000-1300 fps.

How much is your 1980 rws moderl45 22 cal rifle worth and what is the fps range on this rifle?

The RWS is made by Dianawerk (Diana) The model 45/45S Post World War II is rated 550 FPS for the .22 caliber. Current value is determined by the condition of the rifle today. If it is the 45 or 45S model and if it came with scope and sling. It was Manufactured between 1978-1988 The recent model 45 /45S (1988-2004 ) is rated at 800 FPS for the .22 cal. It is basically a restocked model 34.

What is velocity of 22 cal bullet?

Depends on WHICH 22 cartridge, and whether fired from a rifle or a pistol. A .22 BB cap from a pistol may have a muzzle velocity of 700 feet per second. .22 LR may range from 1000 fps to 1750 fps. Rifles will have a higher velocity than a pistol. PS- not all .22 caliber bullets are fired from rimfire cartridges. I shoot a .220 Swift, a centerfire rifle. It uses a large cartridge, firing a small bullet- at over 4000 fps

What is the range of air rifle hatsan mod 90?

Hatsan is currently made in Turkey. They make this rifle in both .177 and .22 caliber. Unfortunately their homepage doesn't list the range of the rifle only the speed of the pellet. .177=1000 FPS and .22=750 FPS. You can try to contact them directly and ask customer service to give you an answer. The instruction manual says nothing about range.

What is the fps for a Crosman 1400 air rifle?

It's rated at 580 FPS.

What is the difference between the muzzle velocity of a 17 caliber bullet a 22 long rifle bullet a 22 magnum bullet?

22LR high velocity - MV= 1260 fps 17 HMR MV= 2550 fps A lot faster, huh?