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750 fps. for BBs, 665 fps. for pellets.

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Q: What is the fps for a daisy power line 880?
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Is the daisy 880 power line a powerful bb gun?

750 fps./BB; 665 fps./pellet The name Power-line may be a little misleading. Modern Pellet rifles are capable of firing a pellet at 1000+ fps. But this is a combination BB and Pellet gun and as far as BB rifles goes 750 fps is a good speed for a BB. This is about as fast as they can possibly go. I own 2 of these and find them very entertaining to shoot for fun.

What is the minimum muzzle velocity of a Daisy Model 880 Air Gun with a single pump?

I found your question, interesting so I thought it might be fun to try it out. I happen to own two Daisy model 880's in my collection. One is very old (It's one of the first models) and one that is much newer but not brand new. I used Daisy Zinc plated Ultra Smooth 4.5 BB's for the test. These are made of steel airgun shot. I actually was wondering if the BB would even leave the barrel with only one pump. I was afraid it would just land in the chronograph as it fell out of the barrel, But I proceeded anyway with 3 shots from each rifle. First the OLD 880 was tested and here are the results with only one pump 1. 163.5 FPS 2. 174.1 FPS 3. 178.0 FPS This gave me an average of 171.86 FPS for the old 880 rifle Next I tried the newer model 880 with one pump. 1. 269.3 FPS 2. 263.4 FPS 3. 282.6 FPS This gave me an average of 271.76 FPS for the newer model 880 rifle. A full 100 FPS difference. ( Time to rebuild the old 880 ) For the fun of it I pumped the newer 880 a full 10 pumps just to see the FPS and it fired at 641.6 FPS Daisy rates this rifle at 800 FPS with BB's. Makes me wonder what conditions they tested under.

What is the strongest daisy BB gun?

If you are asking about Daisy BB guns not rifles or any other brand made by Daisy. then I would have to say the Daisy powerline models 5502 and 5503 are the fastest Daisy BB guns at 430 FPS. The Daisy 880 and several other models reach 750 FPS. But these are rifles not BB guns like you asked in this questiion.

Which bb pellet gun should you get the crosman 764sb air rifle or the daisy model 880 carbine air rifle?

Both rifles are about the same in price. The 880 is about $5 more than the 764. The 880 has a 50 round capacity. The 764 has an 18 round capacity. The 880 has a rifled barrel, the 764 has a smooth bore barrel. The 880 is rated at 750 FPS, the 764 is rated at 625 FPS. If it were me I would select the 880 over the 764

What are the feet per second model 799.190720?

Approximately 680 FPS for the Daisy model 880 made for Sears under the JC Higgins brand name.

What is the fps of a daisy grizzly?

It is rated at 320 FPS

How many fps is a daisy model 120 break bearrel?

The Daisy model 120 air rifle shoots at 500.fps.

What are the specs for a daisy power line model 1200 CO2 bb gun?

It's rated at 420 FPS, Six Shot BB gun made between 1977-89. Plastic Grips.

What fps pressure do you need to squirrl hunt?

750 or up will take it down in one shot, but I have taken one down with a 450 fps but I had to shoot it a couple times. it mostly depends on shot placement. A good choice would be a chrossman 760, daisy powerline 880, or just about game pellet rifle.

How much SPF is a Redrider BB gun?

Did you mean FPS? the FPS for the Daisy Red Ryder is about 220 FPS (Feet Per Second.)

Can you fire through the can with airsoft gun 260fps?

Most likely Not. 260 FPS is fairly slow. A Daisy Red Ryder fires a BB at 350 FPS.

How accurate is a Daisy avanti 853 bb gun?

Accurate enough for its intended use.----------------------- New Answer---------------------------------------The Avanti line of air rifles is considered to be Daisy finest line of air rifles. These are considered to be of Competition quality. The 853 only fires at 480 FPS ( This is common with Competition air rifles.) But it's accuracy is well known.