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Plato drew a sharp distinction between knowledge, which is certain, and mere opinion, which is not certain. He said Opinions derive from the shifting world of sensation; knowledge derives from the world of timeless forms, or essences.

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Q: What is the epistemological distinction between knowledge and opinion?
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What are the differences between opinion and knowledge?

Opinion- A Person's Beliefs... But Not Everyones, Not Proven.... (Example: The Most Graceful Color Is Blue) Knowledge- True facts That Can Be Proven (Example: Humans Are 98% Gorilla)

Which important Fantasy or knowledge?

My opinion for this day and age is knowledge.

What is the main purpose of an editorial in the newspaper?

Journalists care about the news; they not only wish to report it, but they also wish to offer their opinion about it. Since there is an important distinction between news and opinion, editorials are used to report opinions so that they do not get mistaken for news.

What branch of Christianity promotes individualism and no distinction between secular and religious life?

In my opinion it would be The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints. Also known as the Mormons.

The value of a person's opinion is influenced by?

Their knowledge of the subject.

If a judge does not wish to be bound by a precedent what can he do?

They can render a differing opinion or judgement, but do so with the knowledge that their opinion could be appealed.

How has historiography changed over time or stayed the same Why is this distinction important?

You need to answer this prompt. It is asking for your opinion and critical thinking. Not ours.

Is thinking and opinions same?

Yes, because opinion is about conclusion and knowledge. Thinking also! So bascially thinking and opinion is same!

What makes philosophy different from other bodies of knowledge?

It stems from someones opinion

What is a preconceived opinion that is formed without a rational basis or insufficient knowledge?


What is a preconceived opinion that is a formed without a rational basis or with insufficient knowledge?


What is a preconceived opinion that is formed without rational basis or with insufficient knowledge?