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Yes! Both my husband and I have the same blood type, A+, and we are about to have our third child!

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Q: What is the effect if mother and father had both type A positive Can they conceive a child?
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Can A positive mother and O positive father conceive?

Yes! I'm A positive & my husband is O positive. We have two healthy, adult children.

When father is o negative and mother is o positive does it will effect to o positive baby?


How can your grandfather be your father?

if your mother slept with her father to conceive you

Can o positive man marry o positive women?

Blood type has nothing to do with marriage. Any combination of blood types for the mother and the father can safely conceive a child.

If the mother has B negative blood and father has A negative would there be any complications for mother to conceive a baby and or after birth to the baby and mother?

It is impossible for a woman with B negative blood to conceive a child with an A negative father.

Mother is o positive and the child is o negative what is the father?

I am a mother which is O positive. My child is O negative. My child's father is A positive

If the mother a positive and baby a positive what is the father blood type?

a positive

Can an O positive mother and an A positive father have an A positive child?


If mother is a positive and father is o positive can daughter be a positive?


Can an O positive mother and an A positive father have an O positive child?


Can A positive father and A negative mother produce a O positive child?

Yes. The father's phenotype is AO+*; the mother's is OO--.

Can a mother have a positive and father have b positive can have baby with o positive blood group?

Yes, a mother with negative and a father with O positive can have a baby with B positive. If they do, the mother must have blood type B or AB.

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