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The difference is 4

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Q: What is the diffrerence between 6 and 2?
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What is the diffrerence between a physical map and a political?

The difference between the two is that physical is terrain and political is location and cities.

How are the bee hummingbird the same as the white dove?

what is the diffrerence between a white dove and a bee hummingbird

What diffrerence between Tree and forest in windows server glopalcatalog?

just it is living thing and a non living thing

Diffrerence between rupee and dinar in value?

1 Bahraini Dinar = 118 Indian Rupees on 24/7/11

What is the estimated diffrerence of 5602-2344?

5600 - 2340 = 3260

What is the diffrerence between front-end and relative-size estimation?

Front end : use ONLY the first few # Relative size : use the FULL # and round it

Is canned food easier to digest?

No there not really a diffrerence; Just check the date!

What is the diffrerence between geology and petrology?

Geology studys the Earth's materials and processes that shape them, Petrology is a sub discipline that deals specifically with the study of rocks, their occurrence, composition, and origin.

What is the diffrerence between coal and charcoal?

there is no far difference b/w coal & charcoal.Charcoal has greater surface area as compared to coal and can absorb gases and other impurities better.

What is the difference between -2 and -4?


The midpoint of -2 and 6?

The midpoint between -2 and 6 is 2. 2 is 4 units away from both 6 and -2.

Is the difference of two integers always positive?

NO. It depends on which you are subtracting from which. For example, the difference between 8 and 6 is 2 (8 - 6 = 2) but the difference between 6 and 8 is -2 (6 - 8 = -2).