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RJ45 is used with ethernet cables in computer networking while RJ11 is used in connecting telephone units.RJ45 contains more wires than RJ11and RJ45 is physically bigger than RJ11 to accommodate the extra wires

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An RJ11 connector is used for telephones, and an RJ45 connector is used for computer networks, and VoIP telephones. An RJ11 connector only has 2 pins, and an RJ45 connector has 8 pins.

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Q: What is the different between rj11 and rj45?
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Can you convert RJ11 into RJ45 If so What is needed?

No, a conversion can not be made due to the different size of cables that each terminal end uses. An RJ45 uses a Cat , 8 wire cable where as a RJ11 uses a smaller 4 wire cable. The sockets for the RJ45 will be too wide to allow a RJ11 connector to securely connect to it.

Analog modem use which type of connector?

The type of connector is used by the analog modems is RJ11 or RJ45.

What is a standard RJ11 or RJ45?

now currently use for rj 45

How do you make a phone cable terminated RJ45 on one end and RJ11 on the other?

terminate the RJ11 end and on the RJ45 end crimp the 4 wires in the 4 middle slots. run the wires straight through, no crossover

What is xjack?

XJACK is a type of connector to attach a standard RJ11 or RJ45 plug directly to a PC

More about rj 11 and rj 45 cables?

RJ11 and RJ45 are the names for the terminators at the ends of the cables. RJ11 is the 2 pair (4 wire) terminator used for telephones. RJ45 is the 4 pair (8 wire) terminator used for ethernet cable.

What is the difference between RJ - 45 Ethernet connector and PCI card?

An RJ45 connector and a PCI NIC card are 2 completely different things. An RJ45 (Technically an 8P8C) is the connector at the end of a CAT cable which plugs into a NIC card. Unless you are thinking RJ11, which has nothing to do with CAT cables. An RJ11 is the name of the cable used for single-line dialup modems and telephones, in which case, the connector is called a 6P4C connector.

What kind of cable does have a internet have and intranet have?

for internet cable it is called RJ11 and for the intranet cable it is called RJ45

Can you fixed telephone port with gigabit port?

No, you cannot. LAN ports are of type RJ45, when telephone port is RJ11. Basically it means that they have not only different size but also different number of wires.

Which two laptop ports are used primarily for network connectivity and communication?

Ethernet and modem.

Which connectors is used to connect a network cable to a network card?

Depends on the standard being used, but it will either be an: RJ11 or RJ45 connection jack.

If you have a laptop that only has a RJ45 female connector and need to plug in a dial-up modem that uses a RJ11 male connector is it necessary to buy a special adapter for the RJ11 male?

You cannot connect an RJ11 cable to a RJ45 port. You can buy an external dial-up modem, though, that connects to a USB port. A link to where you can buy an external USB dial-up modem is below.