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Absolutely. Snowboard boots have much more support as well as warmth in them. The point of a snowboard boot is to effectively transfer your energy and movements to your bindings which then transfer that response to the board. If you wear a pair of regular boots, they will be flimsy and the transfer of energy will be lost. To get that ultimate performance transfer a snowboard boot fits a lot more exactly and more secure than a regular winter boot would too. Again the goal is to prevent any energy loss. You definitely would also risk breaking your ankle by using regular snow boots as well.

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Ski / Snowboard Goggles should be bought on some basic factors, which don't differ between sports.

UV Protection. All models sold today should offer 100% UV protection. If you are skiing with very old models, you may be putting yourself at risk of Snow Blindness.

Lense Colour/ Darkness. Darker lenses for good weather, Lighter lenses for Bad weather. Combination lenses you can use for both, and various colours bring out different contours in the snow.

Fit. Goggles should close nicely around your eyes, without gaps. If you are wearing a helmet, the goggles have to neatly fit on with the helmet. If moisture gets into your goggles, they may start fogging up.

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A duck boot is more like a rain boot it does not keep your feet warm at all. when a snow storm comes your duck boots will only be good for a quick run to the mailbox. OR FASHION.

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Snowboarding boots. By far

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"Duck boots have been a rainy- or snowy-day favorite for years because they offer all the warmth, water protection, and grippy traction of a terrific boot, along with a comfortable calf and over-the-ankle fit that's easier to move around in than a typical stiff and heavy snow boot."

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Q: What is the different between duck boots and snow boots?
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