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Native birds have always been in their current location.

Introduced birds have been brought in from elsewhere - either deliberately or accidentally.

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native birds were born here

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Q: What is the differences between native and introduced birds?
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Are native birds threatened by introduced birds?

Absolutely. Sparrows were introduced to the United States from Europe. They spread quickly and their numbers went up super high. The sparrows drove out native species, killing their eggs and young. I see sparrows all over the place now :(

What are the differences between birds and dog?

This I a very silly question.

Why are there no birds in Guam?

there are birds on Guam, but most of the native birds were killed by the brown tree snake that the US accidentally introduced. The snakes stowed away in ships' cargo brought in from other parts of the Pacific (like the Solomon islands) where the snakes are native.

What are 2 BIG differences between bats and brids?

Bats are mammals, birds are not. Birds lay eggs, bats do not.

How do you use the word pheasant in a sentence?

Pheasants are large, long-tailed gallinaceous birds that are native to the Old World but were introduced elsewhere.

What are the differences between birds that can fly and birds that can?

well, a bird that cant fly has a larger body mass than one that can

What are introduced birds?

Introduced birds are birds from other countries i.e. some believe the magpie was brought from Australia into New Zealand

What is the differences between Seals and Penguins of Antarctica?

Seals are marine mammals; penguins are sea birds.

What are the differences between the internal anatomy of a bird and human?

some birds have 2 stomachs (the gizzard)

Give two differences between mammals and birds?

A bird lays eggs and a mammal doesn't

What eats red foxes in Australia?

Foxes are introduced to Australia - there is no species native to the country. And, unfortunately, nothing eats them except for birds of prey.

Extinct bird of New Zealand?

There are many birds which are not native to New Zealand, but one introduced species would be the kookaburra. The kookaburra is native to Australia, New Guinea and the Aru Islands, in southeastern Indonesia. It was introduced to New Zealand sometime between 1860 and 1880.