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Morse Code is made up of dots and dashes (short and long) to represent each letter of the alphabet ( eg dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot = SOS) made on a tapping machine and transmitted to the recipient who hears the dots and dashes and translates them into language. Semaphore is a visual signal using a flag in each hand and positioning them to create letters for someone who is too far away to hear you, to translate into language.

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Q: What is the differences between mores code and semaphore?
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How do you show the letter b using semaphore code?

you ca show B in semaphore code by turning the letter around

What do you call the code in which you have to wave flags?


What job did Samuel mores have and why?

He was a painter and he invented mores code, dont know why

What name of flag code similar to Morse code?

It is called "Semaphore code".

What were the historical digital system?

morse code braille semaphore

What are semaphores in Unix?

A semaphore is like a signal that can indicate the start and end of something called a critical section. The semaphore ensures that only 1 thread of code is allowed at a time in the code.

Who person behind History of mores code?


What linked the Eastern US to the west?

mores code

What do you call the flag used in Morse code in the Philippines?

Morse code is an audio code (or blinking light code), it has nothing to do with flags.When flags are used to send messages, this is called semaphore, so they would be "semaphore flags".See the related links below.

What items are used to send messages in Semaphore code?

Semaphore is transmitted via flags. One is held in each hand. The positions of the arms determine the letter. Semaphore can also be transmitted via paddles or blades on towers.

How did technology change communication in the late 1800s?

mores code

What did Mores invent and what year?

He invented the Mores code, not sure what year he invented it, but he wrote his first message on May 24, 1844.