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They differ in composition and purpose. The European Parliament consists of Members of European Parliament elected directly by European Union citizens, it is a legislative body that also acts as a check on the other institutions. The European Council is composed of the various heads of states of the EU member states and it's purpose is to provide direction to the legislative bodies.

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Q: What is the differences between European parliament and European council?
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What are three main institutions of the eu?

European Parliament Council of Ministers European Commission

What are the European Union's main policy institution?

Commission, Parliament, European Council, Council

Who takes the decision of european union parliament?

the European union parliament decisions is taken jointly by the European parliament and council

Are the Council of the European Union and the European Council the same?

No. The European Council is a meeting of leaders of member states whereas the Council of the European Union is a legislature of the European Union, similar to the European Parliament. The Council of the European Union contains 27 national ministers, 1 per state.

What is The primary decision making body of the European Union?

-Council of the European Union .

How is the E.U run?

The E.U. is run through seven institutions. These are the Council of the European Union, Court of Justice of the European Union, European Central Bank, European Commission, European Council, European Court of Auditors, and European Parliament.

What has the author Martin Westlake written?

Martin Westlake has written: 'The Council of the European Union' -- subject(s): Council of the European Union, European Union 'The Commission and the Parliament' -- subject(s): Commission of the European Communities, European Parliament, International relations 'Cultural, social, economic, and political identities after 1992' -- subject(s): Congresses, Economic conditions, Europe 1992, European Economic Community, Politics and government, Social conditions 'British political parties and the future of a European Party government' 'The Council of the European Union' -- subject(s): European federation, Europees recht, Raad van de Europese Unie, Institutioneel recht, Council of the European Union 'A modern guide to the European Parliament' -- subject(s): European Parliament

What is difference between council and association?

what is differences between council and society

Which institution has the right to propose legislation for consideration in the EU?

The European Commission proposes legislation which is considered by the European Parliament and the European Council.

How is public policy made in the European Union?

The European Union is made up of 4 big committes: Council of Minister The European Commition The European Parliament The European Court of Justice In these 4 committes, it is the Council of Minister that has the right to create policies. It has representative from all member states and each has a voting right. However, the European Parliament has the right to amend and veto legislation. The European Commition implement and initiate the policies that have been agreed in the Council of Ministers.

Who are European political leaders?

The EU is similar to a confederation, and there are many different branches of political leaders. These include the European Council, Parliament, and the European Commission.

What are the differences between European Commission and European council?

The members of the European Commission are not elected, but rather appointed, and the Commission acts as the executive arm of the EU. The Commission will draft legislation and implement legislation once passed. The European Council guides the institutions that make legislation broadly and is composed of the various heads of states of the EU member states.