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A provirus is the virus' genetic material integrated with the genetic material of the host cell. Some viruses stay in this form inside a cell until a specific stimulus causes the provirus to start to reproduce and lyse, or burst, the cell. For instance, some prophages (a provirus from a bacteriophage) the process doesn't continue until UV radiation hits the bacterium.

A virion is the name of the actual virus particle. The virion is comprised of the capsid and the DNA (or RNA) of the virus. The term virion is used in a similar way that bacterium is when referring to a single bacterial cell. Some virions, such as HIV also have a phospholipid bilayer that they gain by 'budding' from the host cell. When a cell is lysed the provirus gives way to viral progeny, the virions.

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Q: What is the difference of PROVIRUS and VIRION?
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