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Each is a country in its own right. Each has a language of its own and speaks English as well.

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Q: What is the difference in Irish Scottish English Welsh?
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Is cortney cox Welsh?

Her ancestry is given as English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish

What nationalities are in Wales?

welsh english scottish irish chinese philipenos

What kind of surname is Kelly?

It can be Irish, English, Welsh or Scottish. (surname database)

Who were born in Britain are English?

no, British people are either English, Welsh, Scottish or northen Irish

When did the British come to England?

The English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish are all British!

What are the four groups of people in the United Kingdom?

English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish.

Are people who were born in Britain English?

no, British people are either English, Welsh, Scottish or northen Irish

What is the nationality of United kingdom?

British and potentially one of Scottish, Northern Irish, Welsh or English.

What is the ancestry of Taylor Swift?

Her grandmother was an opera singer. Mainly English and Scottish ancestry. English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, German, French, and Italian, but mostly English and German.

What the people called in the UK?

They are called British but may also be known as English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish.

Is the Welsh language different from English?

Yes. Welsh is a Celtic language and English is a Germanic language. For instance, English is more closely related to Dutch; Welsh would be more closely related to the Irish/Scottish Gaelic.

Is Lorna Gordon Scottish?

Gordon surname could mean anyone from English, Scottish and Irish. Her first name 'Lorna' is of Scottish origin. So she's more likely Scottish than English. Most British people are kinda mixed within English, Scottish and Irish (to much lesser extent Welsh).

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