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Zero (0) is a number and o is a letter and the way to tell the difference is the zero is bigger than the o and is shaped like a oval, the o is smaller and shaped more like a circle. I hope it helped! =]

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Q: What is the difference between zero nought and o?
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How do you spell 0?

If you mean the number, then it would be zero otherwise, the letter 'O' is usually spelled as 'O'. Zero or nought

What is the difference between o and 0?

the difference is that one is the letter o and the other is a zero

What words name the figure 0?

Zero Zilch Nought Nothing O-h

What is a nought?

Its generally refered to as a zero or a circle. Like tic-tac-toe, X's and O's (noughts)

What pair of molecules is not a polar Bond n o c o o h o o?

O=O Polarity is determined by the difference in electronegativity (EN) between the bonded atoms. An EN of zero is nonpolar. Since the two oxygen atoms have the same EN, their EN difference is zero, so the bond between them is nonpolar, and oxygen (O2) is a nonpolar molecule.

Is an O with a slash through it Oh or zero?

It is a zero. The purpose of the slash is meant to differentiate between an O and a zero.

What is the difference between h and o?

The difference between h and o is that h has a hu sound o has an oh or an oo sound.

What is difference between a and ao?


What is the difference between Olivia and Livia?


What is difference between S Typhi O and S Typhi H?

There is a great difference between S Typhi O and H. The S Typhi O is somatic, and H is flagella.

In the US visa control number in your passport what is the difference between the zero without a slash and one without?

Regarding the United States Visa Control Number, the zero with the slash is a zero, the other zero without the slash is an "O". This method of coding was invented to stop the confusion when entering letters and symbols for identification purposes.

What is the difference between OH and - OH?

OH typically refers to hydroxide ion (OH⁻), while -OH refers to a hydroxy group in organic chemistry. The hydroxide ion is a negatively charged ion, while the hydroxy group is a functional group consisting of an oxygen and a hydrogen atom bonded to a carbon atom in an organic molecule.