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When you worry you are "worrying" about something that may never happen. Concern is when you are concerned about something that is a pressing issue that needs to be handled

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Q: What is the difference between worry and concern?
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How do you use concern?

i have a lot of concern, or worry about you

What is the difference between disruptive behaviour and behaviours of concern?

sike i dont the answer

What is the Hebrew word for worry?

to worry = da'ag (דאג) worry or concern (noun) = da'agah (דאגה)

What is the difference between a black jaguar and a regular jaguar?

colour difference just .don not worry

What is a another word for concern?

Worry or worried

What the difference between a scientific concern and a social or ethical concern?

to find the answer it is best to type it in on google and find another website because this one is unreliable

What is the difference between an issue and concern?

the problems that are created ata time its called issue and also its say that the person who create the problem its called him a concern..

Synonym of caring?

concern, caution, regard, interest, worry

What is the difference between worry and fret?

worry(noun) is a state of the mind in anxiety,apprehensions,misgivings,fear etc while fret(verb) is the action to fuss /to care, to worry (verb)

What is the difference between decision making and problem solving in a managerial concern?

The difference is that decision making usually come first than problem solving.

What the differenct between writer rapport and no rapport?

The difference is without one then no one with agree, be concern, or care about your claim.

What is another word for the word concern?

to care, give attention to, to worry about