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Waterproof mascara is different from regular mascara. Waterproof mascara is made so that if your face gets wet, it won't run as easily. So if you want to go swimming, will be crying a lot, or be in the rain your best bet is to go with waterproof mascara.

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Q: What is the difference between waterproof mascara and regular mascara?
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Where can you find a data bargraph for waterproof mascara and regular mascara?


Is cover girl lash exact mascara waterproof?

It comes in both waterproof and regular formulas.

Is it true that waterproof mascara makes your eyelashes fall out more than regular mascara?

yes it does to be true they both do

What is non water proof mascara?

non water proof mascara is definitely just regular old mascara. it isn`t waterproof.

Which is better waterproof mascara or regular?

It depends. the problem with waterproof it takes a lifetime to take off. I'm assuming that waterproof is better though.

When you wear mascara and you cry does it go of?

It depends. When you wear waterproof mascara, most likely not. If you wear regular, chances are yes.

Is waterproof mascara worse than regular mascara?

it is not worse, just harder to get off, you will need a really good eyemakeup remover.

Does waterproof mascara work better than regular mascara?

Not really, unless you sweat (like if you wear mascara to workouts), cry a lot or swim. If you wear non-waterproof mascara, it'll run down your face. This looks great on Trinity Broadcasting Network, where the women who can cry on cue sit there with mascara streaming down their cheeks as they talk about how much they love Jesus. Most of us aren't televangelists, to which we should all be thankful. Mascara staying where you put it is Good, so I recommend wearing waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner.

How do you test the water resistance of waterproof mascara against regular mascara?

i always go for a shower but do not rub my eyes soap may get a little off but if it's a good waterproof, it wont budge too much abd wasables just wash off with soap and water

Is hair mascara the same as regular mascara?

no Hair mascara is like hair color

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