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A chorus is reapeated throughout a song.
The main difference between a verse and a chorus is who is singing and who is not. A verse is usually the part of the story that is a song and the chorus is is the sing along part of the song.

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Q: What is the difference between verse and chorus?
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What is the difference between chorus and refrain in poetry?

the difference is that a refrain changes slightly each verse and a chorus is the same every verse

What does bridge mean in songs?

the part of a song that is not of a repeated pattern such as the chorus or verse. Often a song consists of a verse then chorus pattern, then a bridge in between which is neither a verse or chorus and then back to the verse chorus pattern.

What is a post-chorus in a song?

The part that comes right after the Chorus. Its the brdige between the chorus and verse.

Is a chorus a verse in a song?

no a chorus is who sings the song A chorus is a repeated refrain after each verse of the song.

What comes first chorus or lyrics?

Lyrics are the words to a song, so they make up a chorus. I think the distinction you are trying to make is between the verses and the chorus of a song, in which case the pattern is usually verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chorus, and so on.

What element are verse and chorus part of?

Verse and chorus are both elements of song.

What are the parts of a song?

Intro,verse,chorus,verse,chorus,bridge,outro. Sometimes there is a chorus before the outro.

What is the song pattern?

Pop song structure is (intro) Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Bridge chorus (outro)

What is the structure of a pop song?

verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus this is in most pop songs the last chorus is often repeated

What is the structure for Grace by Jeff Buckley?

Intro, Verse, pre-chorus, chorus, link, pre-chorus, Chorus, Mid, Link, Verse then outro

What is the structure of Taylor swifts song mean?

like most, : verse, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus, and sometimes another chorus after that, and maybe you will repeat the first verse.

What is the structure in music?

In music, structure means how the music's built. Example verse-chorus-verse-chorus-verse-bridge.

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